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Thought on Heroes: Ink

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Incredible about deaf actress, Deanne Bray, appear on Heroes on the 4th season, 3rd episode called “Ink”. The ability, Emma appear to have a power by see the audio-wavelength that normally, we cannot see. It creates the most beautiful colorful of sound. Hey, that’s sound of art to you.

I see Emma doesn’t want anybody know that she is deaf. Don’t want to have someone pity on her as the lower on. Yet, she appear to look like she is hearing and yet have problem to deal with her power. Went to see doctor who see know the sign language, even without certification interpreter, help to find what’s wrong with Emma. My assure, it’s her work, part personal, and able to have a benefit without waste time to check with doctor.

Wow, look at the bed! There is alarm clock with bed shaker under the mattress and flashing is over her head. Doesn’t it seem like too strong enough to have Earthquake?! Anyway, I’m looking forward on next few more episodes on what she is make of. Probably something deadly! Or just useful for good power.

If you haven’t seen, you can catch up on Yes, it come with closed caption.

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  • wild4surfing

    LOL!!!! I really LOVED this vlog!!! I am glad they added Deanne Bray to the Heroes Cast… makes things a whole lot more interesting!!!