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CONFIRM: iPhone show movie with CC available

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I’m excited to announce news about iPhone. First, I would like to thank my friend who own iPhone that she loaned to me. As you know I have movie Italian Job (2003) with Closed Caption which works great on iTunes on computer.

Well, after I sync from my laptop to iPhone. It took quite some time to upload. Anyway, there is system setting to change Closed Caption enable ON then play the movie on iPhone. The Closed Caption shows up good. It’s readable, the display appears like standard as my preview post that show similar style black bar.

I have strong feeling that iPod Touch should be similar to iPhone as long as it shows the Closed Caption ON under the system setting. I’m looking forward to get iPod Touch someday when there is a new one and more memory storage.

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  • Wow!! Thanks for posting about the CC feature on the iPhone! Now, it is getting hard to say no to buying one!

  • Bryce

    Yawn.. We already know that have CC for iphone. You have not keep up with news. Yes ipod touch do have cc supported

  • Bryce, I already post:

    It mention from last year on Sept, but there were no any official movies download with CC to display until few days ago.

  • Dennis

    Guys, not everyone may have been aware of this feature… Instead of griping about old news being repeated, how bout keeping quiet for once and let those that are unaware learn something new? 🙂

  • Sweet, now it is also harder for me to say no to iPhone.

    I just hope the majority of the movies also have captioning. The last I heard, most aren’t. ‘_’