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iTunes is now closed caption available

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First thing, I’m relief by receive the news from AppleTV Source that tell me about iTunes does have closed caption available on movie. Right now, there are quiet few movies with CC available. It’s early, as I know it.

Is there closed caption on both rent and buy? Yes, I’m excited to tell you that both work great after I download both. Yes, you can realize the closed caption icon on information page before download. Unfortunately, no, you cannot see trailer with closed caption as test. I guarantee that you will see CC when you purchase or rent.

Make sure you have to iTunes’ preference and click “Playback” tab and look at somewhere middle that saying “Show closed captioning when available”. Check on the box and press OK.

Go to iTunes Store, but make sure you have account ready before you’re allow to buy or rent any video to download. Anyway, click “Movie” under the iTunes Store column.

Then go to Quick Links column, which on far right side, select “Browser” which would be easier to look on listing with CC available.

Select any gene listing; it will appear any listing with CC available as it show below. To select for movie’s features, click the arrow icon. It will take you to the information page.

The information page also show you the CC icon, you can either buy or rent. Enjoy it.

I suggest you don’t rush and buy iPod because it mention that it would only appear on AV as when plug from iPod to any TV with composite cable support.

That’s what CC look pretty like that way. Just same as normal standard closed caption.

The only few thing I’m disappointment that there are no CC available on TV shows after I would miss something from television show. So far, it’s early good start that show faith toward deaf and lacking English people who want to learn better.

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  • Good job! Don’t be disappointment about tv shows. You still use your “DVR” from Mac.

  • Lisa

    Thats too bad ipod movies wont show cc up at all. Just plug it to tv….I really want cc on ipod so to watch it without av ouptput tv.
    Im deaf.

    Hopefully they build cc in ipod in the future.

  • Lisa, you can buy iPod Touch or iPhone and download some movies with CC to watch on it. 🙂

  • Great catch!

    The only thing that sucks the most is – they didn’t created a closed caption column for the iTunes browsers window. I hope they do that and they’re so darn slow….

  • AD

    Great job. I tried for the music videos but it seems that there are none with CC.