Closed Caption move to middle of display

Watch college football on ABC channel from at&t U-verse. It seem there is closed caption (CC) appear on narrow middle of the display. It make me miss the most important spot to watch. I’m not happy about it. I had to turn it OFF and watch it through without CC.

Oh yeah, if you wonder it’s same problem on other channel. None, I checked out on any other channel such as ESPN, it shows where CC should be on right about top up there like normal.

  • Sam the Deaf

    I was watch NBC football Sunday Night. AGain, the same closed caption appear in narrow middle of display. So, I switch to antenna digital to watch. It show where CC suppose appear on about top of display. Strange? Obviously, at&t issue that need to be resolution.

  • Grant Laird Jr.

    Did you call AT&T yet? Just wonder…Somebody has to call and resolve this issues :)

  • Sam the Deaf

    I recently watch on NBC like last week, CC position is back normal