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No Closed Caption at onlineSo far, there are more and more online that offer video to enjoy, yet, almost every of them do not support subtitle (or closed caption). I have known about one or two sites such as NBC’s HEROES (only that show in that site, nothing else) have weird subtitle view. It seems uncomfortable as if it’s PIP (Picture in Picture) that one panel have subtitle and one is in video. It makes my brain crack into half. You can check it out. Be warn, you will hate it already.

iTunes show no different since I thought they should have, recently, Apple announcement on rental movie only on Apple TV to watch. I look around for the feature or information and it seem like the high chance that there is none subtitle or closed caption, unless, anyone know the better answer.

I don’t want rip the video and put on iPod. You know, it could waste my time. I want to make instant watch right away as I paid for it. It’s like hearing able to save time by speak on phone at long distance. For deaf, it takes more time to typing through TTY. That’s concept I’m saying as in old day. Isn’t it?

Maybe I ask too much but hey, don’t studio have gig in their pocket and they should spend a little to add friendly text for us, deaf to watch. High-tech gadgets are getting complex and probably FCC is old people with big ear.

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  • Bill

    CC should be so simple to include from the start……and online, it has the potential to benefit so many – not just deaf/hh – people in quiet environments, people with lousy speakers, people watching at work……

  • I agree with Bill. It’s also good for people just start to have hearing loss.

  • You are right…The same, many videos for deaf/hoh or made by deaf/hoh…there is only sign language,maybe no sound,no subtitle…
    deafromance is a nice deaf community site. it has video feature. Videos here are all related to deaf/hoh…You all can have check. Good site1

  • Most of them don’t think about CC/subtitle in during noise or quiet environment. There are always headset for them to use it.