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Zune without closed caption, iPod does
New next product of Zune HD is release. It sounds like excite for everybody. For not deaf or hearing impaired, it’s unfortunately for the billion-dollar-industry like Microsoft doesn’t offer closed caption (CC) on video player.

Why… You can see that Netflix is using Microsoft’s video player as steam video that everybody wonder why we can’t get to see in CC? It won’t hurt if the business would accept to earn our money to boost 10% out of 30 million deaf customers. It could be that they’re too rich and don’t need our money for extra-being-rich.

Currently, iPod lineup is the ONLY media portable player that ever offers CC. Enjoy it when you can. I have quite amount of deaf actual own iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone, they can even enjoy over hundred of movies from iTunes with CC.

» Full specs on Zune HD

iPod Classic, iPod Nano

iPhone/iPod Touch

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    It looks a great about CC with iPod .. Before there had never with CC now have new CC … wonderful… Deaf people cant afford to buy iPod but its so expensive….

  • Wow! I thought that the ipod is used for music only but it also get media player TV! XD It is good if have the closed caption! In malaysia, no one deaf use ipod because we don’t know it can download the movie from iTune! 😀 I like your article.. I can use your youtube for put in my blog? But I will write other article to let the deaf malaysian know what it is 😛

  • Thanks! With exchange the links, I love to add your link in my blog! because I love to read your interesting posts here! 😀

  • It’s good to know that ipod’s CC serves millions of customers. And Sam, I admire your blog. 🙂