Walk on Katy Trail completed in Hyperlapse

Katy Trail of 3.5 miles locate in Dallas of Texas from north point to end at south where downtown Dallas, non-stop walk all way until my arms and legs are incredible pain. Note, Instagram Hyperlapse last only 45 minutes. I had to re-take on few feet after cross Bowen Street. Then I found a little error focus. Another re-take before Cedar Springs Road and arrive to Victory Park where American Airline Center seen. Then we walk/jog all way back to the north point. That makes total 7 miles.

Usher Story

Hilarious. Explains one of my Usher experiences. Feels so good I’m not alone! Love it!


Peter Devlin?Usher Syndrome (of America) Support Group

Today, at a meeting in the conference I accidently played musical chair. I was trying to wrestle a chair away from the table to catch a seat, but it turned out a lady was sitting in it already! Just didn’t see her, because she wore black, had black hair, and the chair to be fair, was black too. I guess I gave her a sweet ride much to my embarrassments and a round of few small chuckles!