Productivity Comparison Among the Hearing, Deaf, & DeafBlind

I’m done with tax season, but not less busy. I not only have normal workload, but also have 55 credit hours of online courses to take for my annual CPA license renewal. Challenging with my low vision.


*Statistics, including those of DAC (Deaf Action Center) and my very own current & previous employers, indicate that it takes the Deaf twice as long as the hearing to perform tasks and, furthermore, the DeafBlind (that’s me) triple as long as the hearing.

Usher Syndrome: LCD vs Retina Screen

Still working on resuming my original reading speed with a special software for my computer (with LCD screen) and CCTV for mail (that is, any paper). These accommodations convert background from white to black and font black to white.


With its retina screen, I can generally still read on my smartphone as it is. My understanding is that a LCD screen is a grid, adding to my blind spots. Whereas, a retina screen is solid, keeping my vision intact.

(I convert back to the originality to view photos / graphics, although colors are faded).

Note: LCD with 4k not apply

Hearing to Deaf to Deaf-Blind Social Treatment

I don’t want to be negative. I only want to “inform” you to open your eyes. I’m not talking only to the hearing, but also to the deaf. Deafies, you harbor bitterness against the hearing. Ironically, you turn to the Usher / deaf-blind- including me- and leave them out and treat them as a burden- in your way.