Usher Syndrome on public restroom story


At a modeling rehearsal, my wife had to use the restroom badly. The restroom is not an individual one; it has multiple stalls. So we looked for a female employee to escort. There was none. So we asked a male employee to guard the restroom while I go in with my wife. He froze. He apparently didn’t understand.

We were stuck and lost. My wife was desperate. I thought of something; I checked the door and peeked inside to confirm there was no one in there. Then I happily escorted her into the restroom and locked the door! She giggled and while quickly used the restroom. Boy… don’t take your vision for granted.

A side note: We used an employee storage room for me to change, while other models changed in the restroom. Geez. Another funny challenge to tackle.

Walk on Katy Trail completed in Hyperlapse

Katy Trail of 3.5 miles locate in Dallas of Texas from north point to end at south where downtown Dallas, non-stop walk all way until my arms and legs are incredible pain. Note, Instagram Hyperlapse last only 45 minutes. I had to re-take on few feet after cross Bowen Street. Then I found a little error focus. Another re-take before Cedar Springs Road and arrive to Victory Park where American Airline Center seen. Then we walk/jog all way back to the north point. That makes total 7 miles.

Usher Story

Hilarious. Explains one of my Usher experiences. Feels so good I’m not alone! Love it!


Peter Devlin?Usher Syndrome (of America) Support Group

Today, at a meeting in the conference I accidently played musical chair. I was trying to wrestle a chair away from the table to catch a seat, but it turned out a lady was sitting in it already! Just didn’t see her, because she wore black, had black hair, and the chair to be fair, was black too. I guess I gave her a sweet ride much to my embarrassments and a round of few small chuckles!